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Albert Kraus

Rutgers University 2020: BS. Mechanical Engineering | BS. Physics

Rutgers University 2021: MS. Mechanical Engineering


ASML, Mechanical Design Engineer: August 2021-present

Engineering Ambassador: September 2018-2021

Researcher: September 2019-May 2020

Everson Tesla Inc. (Intern): Summer 2019

Army Corps of Engineers (Intern): Summer 2018


My Philosophy

Be a good person. I have strived to convince myself through my trials at life that I can do good and that people around me are capable of doing the same. Be kind to those who need kindness, be there for those who falter on their own. I have had my ups and downs like every other human on the planet, but I always try to stay a good person. I have worked hard on myself, I have made my life better. I have made the lives of those around me better. Be a good person, it can save your life. 



It has been an amazing outlet of mine. My inspiration with the photography I create is to show people a world they may have not seen before. Whether that includes the landscapes of countries that they may never visit or that of a mundane object they may experience every day, but in a new way that creates awe. We not only experience the physical human form through portraiture or an image of a body but the mental human form through their words, actions, and thought. Photography is an insight into my form, and I wish to share some of that with the world. IIf I can make someone think something new if I can make somebody experience something that may have not before if I can show someone what they haven't seen, I have done my job.


Gaming, and videogames, in particular, have been a crux of my life growing up. From starting with my brother and cousin on my very first console up until today where the culture is something I actively try to keep up to date with, videogames have never been a secondhand thought. As an art form, they provide an interactive experience that is uniquely new to the player. I have sunk many hours riding, shooting, strategizing, getting frustrated over and overcoming obstacles,  and connecting to the characters and storylines which run across my screen.

Music and Musical Theater

From a very early age, I have been fascinated by music and what it can do to a person. That includes the viewer and the performer. I have played the violin since the 4th grade and starting choir seriously in my freshman year of high school. I was also a part of an acapella group that brought me to the White House to perform. In addition, I have performed at Walt Disney Studios in Orlando Florida as well as Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. With this, musical theater was the next logical step for me. Performing in several shows and being technical crew on others, I found a new love and passion for being a part of these large scale projects which left an audience speechless. Although it has been forever since I have played with an orchestra or sung with a choir, even though I have cannot see a concert or show all that often, these things still remain at the forefront of my most loved interests.

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