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2020.3.6 - A Malevolent Hand

Taking for granted the opportunities that you are given is such a waste. Taken advantage of the things that people do for you is such a waste. I like to judge people on the actions which they partake in. A societal consensus is that that is the best way to judge the character of on and another. It frustrates me when people show that they show little care for the things that they say they are passionate about or care about. The hypocrisy among people is so rampant. At my school, people like to complain about the physical appearance of it. They like to make fun of the older buildings with poor aesthetic and functional choices. They do this, yet they litter on the floors. People gawk at the patches of grass which are missing from the landscape, but when groundskeepers seed and rope off the area, people are still compelled to walk and ride through on bicycles through these areas. It is apparent people do not care about these issues. Either that, or they are so unaware of how someone who is advocating for something should act. They are biting the hand that is feeding them, and this hand is not a malevolent one. There is no ulterior motive for the beautification of a college campus. It comes out of the tuition of the students who have an issue with the sight of it anyway. It is not being used as an excuse to raise tuition or at least there are a myriad of other things more impact than this. If people truly believed these actions had motives unjust to their own ideologies, people would go after the practices for these reasons, but time and time again all I can see is a blatant disregard for the work which people put in, and more importantly, a disregard for one's own supposed code of ideals and desires. This trend leads itself to a bigger pattern where the actions of people will rarely reflect the words which they speak, leaving language inconsequential due to the lying mouths they erupt from.

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