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  • Albert Kraus

2020.4.3- Quarantine Blues

With the widespread contagion of Covid-19 sweeping its way across the United States and many areas around the world, many nonessential services have been forced to shut down to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Many of these services were that of the entertainment industry and were services that promoted social wellbeing and mental and emotional health. From going out bowling for a few hours to grabbing a bite to lunch and sitting down in your favorite restaurants, these have been outright banned or have been heavily limited. Individuals have searched for outlets, yearning for a sense of normalcy and this has severely impacted the mental health of people in general. This is especially the case with those who are triggered easily by family members now that they have been forced to stay at home more often and with those who rarely have their own space and personal time during the pandemic. Mental health issues will arise during this time. Those who have struggled with food scarcity will find themselves stresses and falling back into hoarding patterns as they see all the news about a completely artificial toilet paper shortage and limited food supplies from greedy people. Those who have used cutting or physical pain as an outlet for their feelings, especially if they are separated from significant others or important people in their lives will start resorting back to these habits. People will suffer and that is inevitable. We will all go through our quarantine blues whether we have already gone through the worst of it or if some of us have not yet had an issue with the pandemic, it will eventually get to all of us in some way. Just remember that all who are fighting this pandemic, all who are trying to work during this pandemic, and all who are trying to stay safe and keeps others safe are going to go through the quarantine blues. Remembering that will make it just a little easier during these trying times.

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